EpicRust Server Image
EU 10x | Free Heli | Shop | NoBPs
Free Mini - Shop - Kits - Teleports
Base Upgrade - BGrade - Remover Tool
Free Blueprints - No Workbench
Clans - Automatic Authorization
Always Day - No Radiation - Heli Vote
Quick Smelt - Instant Craft - Auto Doors


    /s shop -- /kit get kits -- /remove remove walls

    /mymini spawn mini heli -- /nomini remove heli

    /tpr <player name> send teleport request -- /tpa accept teleport request

    /sethome <home name> set teleport point -- /home <home name> teleport

    /removehome <home name> remove teleport point -- /home list show saved teleport points

    /outpost teleport to outpost -- /bandit teleport to bandit camp

    /tpat toggle on/off automatically accepting teleports from clan members

    /clan create <clan name> create clan -- /clan disband forever disband clan

    /clan invite <player name> invite player to clan -- /clan join <clan name> accept clan invite

    /clan withdraw <player name> revoke clan invite -- /clan kick <player name> kick clan member

    /cff enable or disable friendly fire

    /pm <player name> <message> send message -- /r <message> reply to last message

    /bgrade <1 wood, 2 stone, 3 metal, 4 HQM, 0 stop upgrading> auto upgrade while building

    /ad enable or disable automatic door closing

    /helivote open <1-3> start vote to spawn in patrol heli


    1 - Keep the game play fair and fun for everyone.

    2 - Do not use third party tools to give yourself an advantage over other players.

    3 - No more than 5 players in a group.

    4 - No toxicity, racism, advertising or spamming.

    5 - Avoid posting any personal information either about yourself or others.

    6 - Do not build any large (more then 10 foundations wide) structures that lag the server.

    7 - Breaking the rules results in a perma ban without warning and removal of base and loot.